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Social and Emotional Wellbeing Programs

There is always a huge demand on young children to succeed academically and ‘be ready' for when they start school; however starting school isn't just about knowing your alphabet or counting to 10 or writing your name using the correct letter case. Children also need to know how to socialise in large groups, follow instructions and rules, know and understand the turn taking in conversations and games or play, and most importantly understand how to manage all their emotions that come with these new experiences and new environment.

And it’s not just children starting school for the first time. Children will experience different emotional and social stages throughout their lives. They go to school to learn in a more structured and academic focused environment, but where do they get the opportunity to learn or be explicitly taught how to manage, regulate or even understand their emotions and the people’s emotions around them? How do they know what an appropriate reaction is to their emotion? Where can they get the opportunity to see they aren’t alone in what they are feeling and that their emotions shouldn’t be something they keep hidden away?

Online Support Program 

Incursions at your Child Care / OSHC Centre 
Mindfulness Program
Healthy Mind, Healthy Body
Educator Support Program

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About Learn Naturally

Learn Naturally is a support program aimed at social and emotional wellbeing for parents, educators and children. 

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