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        Social and Emotional         Well-being Programs

There is always a huge demand on young children to succeed academically and ‘be ready' for when they start school; however starting school isn't just about knowing your alphabet or counting to 10 or writing your name using the correct letter case. Children also need to know how to socialise in large groups, follow instructions and rules, know and understand the turn taking in conversations and games or play, and most importantly understand how to manage all their emotions that come with these new experiences and new environment.

And it’s not just children starting school for the first time. Children will experience different emotional and social stages throughout their lives. They go to school to learn in a more structured and academic focused environment, but where do they get the opportunity to learn or be explicitly taught how to manage, regulate or even understand their emotions and the people’s emotions around them? How do they know what an appropriate reaction is to their emotion? Where can they get the opportunity to see they aren’t alone in what they are feeling and that their emotions shouldn’t be something they keep hidden away?

Here at Learn Naturally we have a range of different programs to offer this safe and supportive environment for children from Kindergarten to Year 6

SEL School Readiness Programs

These Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) workshops are for Kindergarten children in the year before they start school. They use five topics (Confidence, Persistence, Organisation, Getting Along & Emotional Resilience) within the lessons to support children to learn the necessary skills to be ready for the emotional and social demands of starting school. The programs are run during each school term and children attend one set 1 or 2 hour workshop each week with a maximum number of 8 children in a group.

The programs are based on the YCDI! Education framework, Play Is The Way and Generation Mindful techniques as well as yoga and meditation.

SEL Tutoring Program

These Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) workshops are 1 hour and designed for school aged children from Prep to Year 6 and run after school hours. The workshops have a social-emotional well-being focus and are based on the YCDI! Education's Circle Time framework and Play Is The Way games with elements of yoga and meditation and Generation Mindful techniques. Classes run only during the school terms have a maximum number of 8 children per workshop.


Each workshop is run with a flexible routine to better meet the needs of each child and how they are feeling during the session. The basic outline for a session is as follows:

Fine motor activity on the mat as everyone arrives

Circle Time/group discussion about how we are feeling/ what we’ve been up to/ anything they would like to share

Children have the choice of an activity they would like to do. Choices are fine motor activities, puzzles, cooperative board games, arts/craft, stories, calming corner, yoga and meditation.

Group Time: children sit together on the mat to discuss each of the 5 YCDI! characters using their puppets and matching information cards. Then we play a game using the emotions flashcards; such as Go Fish, Snap, Memory, etc.

If time children can choose another activity to do; this is usually a large floor puzzle completed as a team.

Goodbye Circle Time: Review what we did for the session, discuss what we likes or didn’t like and say goodbye to everyone.

2019 Term Dates :

Term 1: Tue 29th Jan - Fri 5th Apr (10 weeks) 

Term 2: Tue 23rd Apr - Fri 28th Jun (10 weeks) 

School Holiday Workshops

These workshops run during the school holidays; except the two weeks during Christmas and New Years. The workshops run for 1hr, 2hrs or 3.5hrs and are designed for children from 3yrs to 12yrs. They still have a focus on social and emotional wellbeing however in a more hands on fun way. Holiday workshops offer activities such as arts, craft, puzzles, board games, yoga, Play Is The Way games, stories and so much more. There is a maximum number of 8 children per group.

2019 Holiday Dates
Mon 7th Jan - Fri 25th Jan
Mon 15th Apr - Thur 18th Apr
Mon 1st Jul - Fri 12th Jul

Kids Yoga Classes

In a typical yoga class children are taught how to stretch, breathe, meditate and deeply relax. You might think we were just "kidding around" and playing as throughout our classes we use original songs that keep them moving, jogging, dancing, laughing, marching and so much more. And of course all of our classes end with a magical trip to The Secret Garden where kids get that much deserved break from their day.

The classes we currently have available are:
Pre KAY for ages 2 to 5 - 45 minutes - run during the school term
Kids KAY for ages 6 to 11 - 45 minutes - run during the school term
Holiday Kay for ages 3 to 10 – 45 minutes - run during the school holidays
Family KAY for the whole family – 45 minutes - run during the school holidays

We are hoping to offer the following classes in the near future so please let us know which ones you are interested in.
Mums and Bubs KAY - for babies 8wks to crawling
Mums and Tots KAY - for toddlers aged 1 to 2.5

Incursions at your Child Care / OSHC Centre

We also offer Kids Yoga and Play Is The Way sessions at your school or childcare on a causal or weekly basis. Sessions can be designed to suit the ages and needs of the children in the group. They can run for 15 minutes for toddler aged children and up to 1 hour for older children.

Casual bookings:
Toddlers/Jnr Kindy: $5 per child
Snr Kindy/Kindergarten: $8 per child
Primary School: $8.50 per child

Regular weekly session:
Toddlers/Jnr Kindy: $3 per child
Snr Kindy/Kindergarten: $6 per child
Primary School: $6.50 per child

Please contact us to discuss your needs and available booking days/times.

About Learn Naturally

Learn Naturally is a Tutoring Program aimed at Social and Emotional Wellbeing for children from Kindergarten
up to Year 6

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