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Michelle Tilley
Owner / Teacher

- Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Development)
- Certified Kidding Around Yoga Instructor
- Over 12 years of experience working in Education & Childcare
- ASD – Managing Stress – Coping with Change - Transitioning to School
- Griffin OT – Sensory Processing
- First Aid / CPR / Anaphylaxis
- Registered NDIS Provider
- You Can Do It! Education
- Play Is The Way
- Kids Matter
- Registered NDIS Provider


Ever since I was a little girl I always knew I wanted to be a teacher and to work with young children. After finishing High School, I completed my Certificate III in Children's Services at TAFE and started my journey working in child care centres. However, this wasn't enough, and I wanted to learn all I could about child development, so I enrolled into my Bachelor of Education at JCU majoring in Early Childhood. After graduating from my degree, I decided it was time to see what Primary Education was all about and signed up to be a relief teacher to experience as many schools and year levels as I could.

During this time, I was fortunate enough to work with some amazing teachers and principals and expand my skill set with many different professional development opportunities. When working with a young child with autism I developed a connection with them and felt the need to learn more and so since then I’ve attended several ASD workshops to extend my knowledge and skill to better support children with additional needs. As my desire to know more grew, I completed a course with Kids Matter, a national mental health promotion, prevention and early intervention initiative for children in the early years. This really opened my eyes to how important it was for young children to have a safe and support environment they can freely express themselves and grow as a person through a stronger and healthier mind set. However, it wasn’t until I attended a course on Circle Time and the You Can Do It Education framework that I really became involved with what it meant to provide children with these greater opportunities of emotional wellbeing and achievement; of mental health.

From this I could see how beneficial it was for young children to be explicitly taught about emotions and social interactions. All children should have this opportunity to learn such valuable and lifelong skills and my goal through Learn Naturally is to create the safe and supportive environment where they can add to their toolbox of strategies in achieving their own mental health.

Learn Naturally uses a range of mental health and social-emotional wellbeing programs such as:

Michael Bernard's You Can Do It! Education & 

This is a program for promoting student social-emotional wellbeing through the use of activities, Circle Time, and fun characters; Connie Confidence, Pete Persistence, Oscar Organisation, Gabby Get Along, and Ricky Resilience. 

KidsMatter Early Childhood 

This is a national mental health promotion, prevention and early intervention initiative specifically developed for early childhood education and care (ECEC) services. It has been developed through collaboration with the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing, beyondblue, the Australian Psychological Society and Early Childhood Australia. 

Daniel Siegel & Tina Payne Bryson's book "The Whole-Brain Child" 

This book talks about finding opportunities to help children thrive and "lay the groundwork for integration and mental health". 

Wilson McCaskill’s Play Is The Way 

PLAY IS THE WAY® is a practical methodology for teaching social and emotional skills using guided play, activities and an empowering language. It is a behaviour education program using wisdom, not force, and is suitable for primary school children of all ages, abilities and ethnic backgrounds. 

Generation Mindful 

Teaches children about emotions using play-based tools such as the Time-In Toolkit, Calming Corner, and Peacemakers cards. Building self-control, social skills, mindfulness, and making connection a habit. 

Yoga & Meditation

Teaches children yoga, meditation and mindfulness using their original songs, stories, games and child friendly yoga poses.

About Learn Naturally

Learn Naturally is a support program aimed at social and emotional wellbeing for parents, educators and children. 

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