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Yoga Affirmations

These Yoga Affirmation cards are for learning simple yoga poses and to practice being mindful while saying each positive "I am" statement.

The yoga cards have instructions on the back of how to do the poses.
The back of the affirmation cards have a description of what it means or how it might relate to the matching yoga pose.

Match each yoga pose to its affirmation by finding the same coloured border. 

$29.95 AUD

Peaceable Kingdom

In a cooperative game, players work together as a team against the game, not against each other.
Cooperative games build confidence, encourage inclusion, and increase positive self-esteem, helping children develop valuable life skills today so they can play well in the world tomorrow. 

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Race to the Treasure

It's a race to see who can get to the treasure first - you or the Ogre. Start by rolling the dice to determine where to place your keys and Ogre Snacks. Each player takes turns drawing a card from the stack, building the path toward the treasure. If you draw an Ogre card, start at the top right and place the card on the board. Pick up at least 3 keys as you build your path! Picking up an Ogre snack will let you decide when to use the snack to move one Ogre card off the board. If you make it to the treasure before the Ogre gets there, you all win!

2-4 players Ages 5+

Click here to watch a short demonstration video


Dinosaur Escape

Three dinosaurs are lost in the ferns and a volcano is threatening to blow! Work together to move the dinosaurs around the board. Uncover the matching dinosaurs under the fern tokens to resue all three dinosaurs. Get the dinosaurs safely to the island before the volcano erupts and everyone wins!

Children learn simple strategy, Problem-solving, Memory, Cooperation and Following directions
2-4 players Ages 4+

Click here to watch a game demonstration video.


The Fairy Game

Mr. Winter is trying to freeze over the fairies' treasured flowers! Players match Fairy Cards to gather the hidden Magic Gems before 4 snowflakes land on one flower. Special cards allow players to slow down Mr. Winter's chill. Work together to fill the fairies' magic wand and banish Mr. Winter from the garden!

Children learn Strategy, 
Shared decision making and 
2-4 players Ages 5+

Click here to watch a short demonstration video


Hoot Owl Hoot

Hoot Owl Hoot is an award winning colour-coded cooperative matching game with two play levels so it will grow with your child.
Players work together to help the owls fly back to their nest before the sun comes up; if they are successful everyone wins.

Children learn simple strategy and social development skills with no reading required
2-4 players Ages 4+

Click here to see instructional video


Memory Palace

Players explore their imaginations and test their memories while creating silly stories about 27 different animal tokens. Players share whacky stories as they place their tokens facedown in a room. Be careful, there are Memory Monsters lurking in the palace trying to confuse. Successfully remember where each animal is on the board without turning over a Memory Monster and everyone wins!

Children learn Storytelling, Imagination,  Memory, and Cooperation
2-4 players Ages 5+

Click here to watch a short demonstration video


Gnomes at Night

Someone has stolen the Queen’s treasures and has dropped them in the castle’s twisty maze. Luckily, the trusty gnomes are here to help! Players work together to maneuver the magnetic gnome movers around the mazes to collect all the treasures before time runs out. Use communication, strategy and quick thinking to find the treasures and win the game! 

2-4 players Ages 6+

Click here to watch a game demonstration video.


Count Your Chickens

The baby chicks have flown the coop! All players work together to help Mother Hen collect her chicks and bring them back to the coop. To start, players place the 40 baby chicks all around the board. Mother Hen is on start. The object of the game is to get all 40 baby chicks back inside the coop before Mother Hen gets to the last space on the board. Players spin and move Mother Hen, counting the number of spaces she travels. For each space travelled, players collect that number of baby chick markers and place them in the coop. But watch out for the fox! If the spinner lands on the fox a baby chick is removed from the coop. Players take turns, but work together – players count aloud together, collect the number chicks together and, if they collect them all, players win together!

2-4 players Ages 3+

Click here to watch a game demonstration video.


Emotions Flashcards

This set of 40 feelings and emotions flashcards encourages language development, communication and conversation
There are 4 images for each of the following emotions - happy, sad, angry, surprised, frustrated, scared, worried, tired, silly and bored
Each card features a full color picture and on the reverse side is the label for the feeling (eg happy).

A list of activities and ideas is included, making it a great educational tool for teachers and parents, in the classroom and at home.


Snuggle Buddies

These 13" plush toys from Generation Mindful have a purpose in helping children around the world learn to name and regulate their feelings. The four colour-coded mood emojis inside every SnuggleBuddies encourage children to share their emotions on a daily basis.

There are 7 animals in the SnuggleBuddies collection however I currently have 5 available: Red Bear, Orange Fox, Indigo Owl, Blue Dolphin and Green Hummingbird.

Each one includes:
- Four Mood Emojis: These 3" plush symbols tuck inside a pocket and are connected by short, silky ribbons so they will not get lost. Each mood emoji represents a different set of feelings (happy, sad, calm, mad/scared) and prompts kids to think and talk about their emotions, thoughts, and memories.
- Laminated Feelings Poster and Calendar/Journal: Using this laminated poster, children practice noticing and naming their feelings three times a day. Just mark, wipe, and use it again, month after month!
- Dry Erase Marker


About Learn Naturally

Learn Naturally is a support program aimed at social and emotional wellbeing for parents, educators and children. 

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