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Learn Naturally is a support program aimed at social and emotional wellbeing for parents, educators and children.

Our Motto: Setting Children Up For Life

Our Purpose: To provide information and resources to parents and educators so that they can support children in their social and emotional development and give them the necessary skills they can grow and use throughout their lives.

Because worth and success isn’t measured purely on academic capabilities. Worth is measured by what kind of person you are. What kind of person do you want your children to grow up to be? We need more people in this world who are kind, generous, loyal, understanding, empathetic, and just an all round good person. Teach children these skills at a young age so that they can take from their toolbox of strategies and adapt them to suit whenever the need comes. Learn Naturally provides strategies, training and resources to parents, carers and educators that can be used at home, school, childcare or other environments as well. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to discuss your child’s needs and how we can help.

We offer:
Support Program for Parents/Families.
Support Programs for Educators
Kids Yoga, Affirmations and Social Games Sessions 

We are closed for Public Holidays and two weeks over the Christmas and New Years period.

Certified Kidding Around Yoga Instructor
Registered NDIS Provider

News and Events


Parent and Educator Support Programs

Did you know there are a range of support programs available for parents, carers and educators?

Please check out the Services tab for more information. 


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Yoga Affirmations

To help promote the upcoming release of these cards I am offering Childcare centres the chance to have Yoga Affirmation sessions run with the children.
The sessions will be around 30 mins long where children will be taught mindfulness with the use of yoga and the positive "I am" affirmations.

Your centre will also receive a set of Yoga Affirmations cards as well as a discounted rate on any further sets you'd like to purchase. 


Mindfulness Program 

The Mindfulness Support Program is designed as a safe and supportive learning experience for parents, carers and educators to learn valuable lessons and strategies on regulating emotions, relaxation, social skills, and self-talk and how these can be used to help children with their own mindfulness.


Peaceable Kingdom 

Learn Naturally is now a retailer for Peaceable Kingdom games and will be stocking a range of cooperative board games for you to purchase.

Emotions Flashcard packs are also available to purchase.

Please check out the Resources tab for more information and how to order. 


Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

With mindfulness and a healthy diet our bodies can thrive to its fullest potential. 

About Learn Naturally

Learn Naturally is a support program aimed at social and emotional wellbeing for parents, educators and children. 

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